How To Stop Your Puppy Crying At Night.


Useful items

Wrap a hot water bottle in a towel or thick blanket and put it at one end of the bed to simulate the warmth of another dog.

Put a ticking clock in the room with your puppy to simulate the heart beat of another dog; your puppy is used to sleeping with its brothers and sisters.

A stuffed animal can be of great comfort to your puppy; a little larger than them is usually a good fit (make sure it does not have any plastic parts for your puppy to chew on).


Dog appeasing pheromone can be purchased from your vet and comes in three forms.  A plug in (in the same way an air freshener works), a collar or a spray that can be applied to bedding.  It releases a synthetic analogue of a pheromone that is secreted by bitches during whelping.  It has been proven to relax dogs and puppies and should allow for a more peaceful night sleep.  It has also been demonstrated that it can reduce fear and even improve house training acquisition.

Exercise / Toilet / Chill out time / Comfort

Make sure your puppy is actually tired before you leave it for the night.  A short walk before bed or some training/play time are essential.  Once you have tired your puppy out the best thing to do is to take him or her out to the bathroom, see our house training guide for tips. This way you know if they cry it is not because they need to be let out. After they have peed and pooped, take your puppy to its bed and say ‘bed’, gently stroke and relax your puppy until he/she falls asleep.  Make sure your puppy has water available, some paper down in case they need to go and a nice comfortable bed.  Also be aware of the temperature; too hot or too cold and your puppy won’t sleep well.

What to do when your puppy cries at night

When you leave your puppy for the night try not to make too much of a fuss.  After the relaxation session your puppy should be settled and you can simply leave the room without encouraging your puppy to come to the door.  This is the trickiest part for any new puppy owner.  When the puppy cries or barks throughout the night you must not go down to the puppy. Given you have followed the previous advice you can rest assured you have covered all of your puppies needs.  It can be a difficult first few nights but by going down to check on the puppy you can accidentally reinforce the barking.  This can mean your puppy learns I bark and Mum or Dad come running down i.e. I get attention.

It makes little difference if you go down to comfort or chastise the puppy as at this stage, as any attention is good attention.  If you have already been going to your puppy when it cries, then the same rules apply but the results will take slightly longer to see.  Fear not, young puppies are extremely quick learners. This puppy training method will pay you back ten fold and being consistent will enable your puppy to cope with being left alone during the day and help prevent other attention seeking behaviours whilst you are busy around the house.

TOP TIP – tell your neighbours you are expecting to get a puppy but you have a training schedule already worked out to minimize any noise during the night.  You can even organise when you pick your puppy up so that it is at a weekend in order to ensure you are not disturbing any neighbours that are due to have an early start.

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  • lorna says:

    I have just got a 8wk old staffie, is absolutely brilliant during day., only crys if put in crate, but at night will cry for the whole night and is waking up my 1yr old. I don’t go down to him., he has water, food , paper down., warm cosy bed and don’t no what else i can do. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated x

    • Sammi says:

      I always leave treats in a kong keeps him quiet for a while then hel sleep. My puppy has learnt not to poop in the house so just make sure ur up early to let him out. Do you have a clock or a radio on? Try to keep the same routine. Do you leave the crate open at night? Or lock him in it?

      • Sammi Makes a great point about the Kong Lorna, also make sure he has been out for the toilet just before you put him in. He is only 8 weeks and it will take a few days for him to settle. its a big scary new world for him so give him a bit of time :)

    • Jessica says:

      Make sure the crate is big enough for the dog to be comfortable… The only time we had a problem once our dog was trained was when he outgrew his crate. After checking with our trainer, we bought a slightly bigger crate and he stopped whining that night because he could comfortably sleep. (Good luck!)

  • louise says:

    i am having a huge problem with my dog, he is 1 1/2 yrs old and has starting barking when we go to bed, he is in a create still at night as he cant be trusted not to chew. i have tried everything i can think of, giving him my dressing gown to snuggle with, which he normally loves to lie on, left radio on quiet for him, have even tried to let him sleep in my room in his create and on my bed but doesnt like sleeping upstairs, just like to sleep on the sofa with me, i have left him to try and get bored of barking, but over hour later still barking, ive tried the spray collar, giving him extra exercise, he doesnt like eating treats in his create or toys, he just ignores them, any advice would be great xx

  • Kayt says:

    My pup is really young as was seperated from her mum because her mum was sick. She’s currently only 5 weeks old. I have her in a playpen, with puppy pads, big comfy bed, blankie, food and water bowl and plenty of chew toys.
    I’ve only had her 3 days, but she’s been SQUEAKING to the point it sounds like a child is being murdered. I have reinforced her behaviour by letting her sleep in my bed with me. I know this can be terrible for the future, but i’m not sure because she was seperated so young, whether she is just missing the comfort she would normally have off her mother?
    She’s my first pup, and I want her to sleep normally because I’m so tired, making sure she isn’t going the toilet in my bed and that she’s keeping me and everyone else in my house up, making so much racket. Any advice would be helpful, Thanks.

    • Sammy says:

      Kayt, I couldn’t tell you enough how much that could hinder you. Although mine was a few weeks older, I gave in, went down when she cried, gave too much affection and let her sleep upstairs. It took 4-5 months to get her sleeping alone. We since got a second and he couldn’t be better. He’s learnt fast and I know now from him where I went wrong with her. I know that the screams are unbearable and so painful to hear but you honestly just have to ignore them. What worked for me was getting into a routine. We played for 10-15 mins before bed (chase a ball or squeaky toy ect), then had some warm milk, went outside to go to the toilet, then put to bed with a full kong. No lights on for them to see and try and keep the noise down yourself. I also leave radio 4 on for them. Hearing voices seems to make them settle down more than music? It is hard and you’ll have to be strict with yourself but you will get there. So long as they’re warm, dry, fed, watered, have some thing to chew and some where to pee and you know they can’t get hurt, they will be fine. I had many tears and sleepless nights over this with the first pup I know how soul destroying it is. I really hope something I’ve said helps!

  • Kayt says:

    Hey sammy!
    I’ve been giving her some tough love and since monday night, she’s been sleeping downstairs on her own and she’s stopped whining at night. She’s also progressed a lot in respect of personality and she isn’t as needy anymore!

    Thankyou for all your words of advice, i’m enjoying my little naughty puppy :D

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  • Sarah Oliver says:

    Hello, if my puppy is 8 weeks and has been taken out for a pee at 11pm will he make it until 6am without going to the toilet? He will be in a crate. I don’t want him to soil the crate but I also do not want to go down to him and cause. A rod for my own back. What is the best advice? Happy to leave him in his crate from 11ish til 6 but don’t want him to soil his crate.

    • JessicA says:

      Puppies can generally hold it for 1 hour per month of their lives (mine was a little less) … I made sure to set an alarm every morning and not go in until the alarm goes off. Then I could add a minute or two every few days to the alarm and make a jump from taking him out at 6 to 7:30 etc. (This helps if he’s barking in the morning too- owners should then set their alarm to a few minutes BeFORE the pup usually barks, get them used to it and then move the time forward very slowly, never!! Going to the pup when they’re barking- EVER)
      Make sure he pees just before you put him in. I rotated his toy in his crate so there was something new to play with and out a towel in there for him to lie on. Optional radio on low to keep him company (I phased this lower and lower until off so he wasn’t dependant on it)
      Good luck!

  • Johng233 says:

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  • NeilSmith says:

    i have an 8 week old lab puppy toilet training is going well but the problem i am having is with whining, if i or my wife leave her in the room for a short while she whines firstly what is the best way to overcome this,and she whines before bed but does eventually settle herself but will whine early in the morning , am i to get up and let her out to toilet then put her back into her crate or just assume that she is now awake and will not re settle please advise

  • Robyn says:

    I have 8 week old puppy I have had her for 4 days now. And the crying is really bad and it all night long no stoping. I have tried every thing u all have said but she still crying. What do I do I need sleep. Any tips would be good.

  • Jenny says:

    I have a 10 week old puppy who is great during the day , will go in and out of crate during the day but not sleep in it only by my feet , then at night when put in crate with toy , old t-shirt of mine will cry , howl and whine all night ,he doesn’t stop .i’m not going down to him but it breaks my heart .When he sleeps during the day should i put him in his crate with the door open ? I think he hates his crate any advice or is it just to keep going

  • Rhianne says:

    My puppy is a 8 week old springer spaniel cross with pointer. My family and I have never had a puppy before we usually own older dogs aged 2 plus, but we fancied a change and to experience a puppy. However the first night of having the Puppy (which was 2 nights ago), I decided to sleep downstairs with her for the first night because I could imagine how scary it must be. On the other hand I think this may have triggered something as yesterday night. She began barking so loud, and crying. So much it went on for 4 hours straight and I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to go down and see her, I was exhausting and accidentally fell asleep downstairs with her again. But I can’t keep doing it every night, could anyone give me any advice what so ever!

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  • Jade says:

    I have an 8 week old cattledog, it’s her second night staying with us. She is still getting used to her new home but she is constantly crying both day and night. I’ve done everything I can to comfort her in terms of toys and affection to get her used to the house but she is always crying to be picked up. Of a night time I have a ticking clock wrapped up in a shirt I’ve worn in her bed which soothes her for about 30 minutes before she starts crying again loudly. She has been taken to the toilet and I have tried to ignore her cries but they are becoming louder the longer I ignore her for. I’m just so exhausted from the sleepless nights and would really appreciate some help !

  • Adrian says:

    I’ve had a 7 week old maltese for about a week now and he whines when he wakes in the middle of the night because me and my boyfriend are sleep and he wants to play. Sometimes I close him in his crate but he still whines and I have roommates. He takes naps during the day because I don’t have the energy to continue to play with him because he wakes me up at 6-7 a.m. Is there any advice on how to help him sleep through the night, if possible.

  • stacey says:

    Hi I have a 8 week old jack Russell x Chihuahua, he very very tiny he very good in day with sleeping but he just cries and cries at night , what should I do? Please help

  • NewPuppyMama says:

    We have had our little Shorkie girl for a week now. She is now 8 weeks old. We wear her out playing before bed, have her sleep in her crate during the day (she actually goes in by herself sometimes), cut off her food early evening, and take her out before bed to pee/poop. She has her crate and a pee pad in a blocked-off space in the kitchen. She is consistently yelping/crying/whining from 3:00 am until whatever we decide to start the day and go get her (usually about 7:30). There is consistently pee on the pad (yay) but always poop somewhere else in the area. We are losing lots of sleep over this and I don’t know what to do. We ignore her like we’re supposed to, but nothing is working. It’s been a week now and we’re EXHAUSTED! Help!

    We are considering going back to the people we bought her from and getting her brother in hopes that it will help the situation… or will we then have 2 yelpers?

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  • Great article. I am experiencing some of these issues as well..

  • JessicA says:

    Rotate the toy every night in the crate.
    Make sure you’ve given your puppy a blanket to lie on (half of the crate in my case, so there’s a colder spot too, depending on your climate)
    Make sure puppy pees just before putting in crate
    My suggestion is to have the crate where the pup can see you, ignore all barking/squeezing/yelping etc ;( and move the crate slowly (!) every night an inch towards the door. It’s a slow but very effective process that worked soooo well with my now 9 month old (no it didn’t take THAT long). It’s thing but if you follow sound reasonable advice it will get better
    You might consider speaking with the spca etc. because your pup has missed the opportunity to learn a LOT from its mama.
    Every time they bite you, Yelp like it really really hurts. The pup doesn’t want to hurt you and will lesson and over time not bite you. Make sure there is something appropriate to give the pup right away (chew toy for puppies, stuffed animal, sometimes they need something harder but remember they’ve got baby teeth at the is point so the key is appropriate)

  • Sophie says:

    I’ve made the mistake of all mistakes with my 9 month of jack russel. I I got him at 9 weeks and he’s always slept in my bed, I no longer want this so I have moved him into the kitchen in his crate. The first night he howled for hours, second night he was quiet as a mouse but the last two nights back to howling and crying. How long will this take to stop? He has a blanket and a kong in there with him. Has exersize, playtime and toilet time before he goes in.

    • JessicA says:

      My suggestion is to do it more gradually… Put the crate by your bed.
      Leave treats in it when you can, with the door open. Don’t let him see you put the treats inside. He will discover them throughout the evening or day and he will go in there more pleasurably. It can become his safe space but it’ll take time. Sounds stupid. Does wonders. My 9 month wanders into our crate regularly just checking to see if the treat fairy left him anything and he runs into his crate to get his Kong (he only gets one when I leave the house so we make a deal).
      Slowly move the crate away from your Es every night and the course of a few weeks it will be where you want him to be.
      It takes time buttons pup will be less stressed and much happier. It will be easier long term I promise!

  • Ramez says:

    Hey, I have a 45 days old golden retriever puppy,
    I live in an apartment, where he shares my room with me, During the day he is perfectly fine with no whining at all except when I leave the room and close the door behind me (to train him to stay alone) he whines for a bit then wait next to the door for my return, but he i progessing well enough. However during the night, he tries to climb my bed from time to time when he wakes up to take a pee, my bed being high and unreachable for him, he keeps trying and starts whining. I wonder if you can give me any tips as this is my first puppy. Thank you in advance

  • Loren says:

    I have a 11 week old puppy who have had for 2 weeks now.. She has just been a nightmare with her sleeping and toileting so much so that my partner wants to sell her. We have managed to get to the stage we can leave her during the day on her own but as soon as we get home she pees multiple times over the floor even when we take her outside to go she will wait until she comes back in.. At night time she will only get to sleep if I lay by her until she’s asleep but if she wakes and I am not there will cry until the point she is yelping and barking, we are in an apartment and on our first night when we tried to leave her she barked all night and we got a complaint so we can’t let her bark at night.. So desperate for some sleep, has anyone got any advice I really don’t want to sell her!!

  • Puppy School says:

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  • Jordan says:

    I have a 17 week old pit ill mix and about a week ago she started whining at night she sleeps in the bed with me and my husband. Nothing has changed except the amount of time she spends outside in a day has increased we have a fenced in back yard. Help please!

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